Founded on 2 August 2001 as a direct successor of the Textile Division of SULZER Prague, a member of SULZER International Group, SULTEX Praha, s.r.o. gradually took over also the responsibilities of ALTEX Praha in the spheres of representation of foreign partners and procurement or direct sale of their products.

The company's head office is located at Průhonice near Prague, while its offices at 477 Studánková Street, Prague 4 – Újezd. There are four employees looking after the customer service.

At present, we offer to our customers – mostly textile industry factories – a wide range of high-end products for use in weaving and affiliated plants. Even in cases of atypical customer needs, we are still able to find and offer suitable solutions.

Our additional activity covers the sphere of purchase and sale of used weaving equipment , again of Sulzer make in most cases. Owing to our long-term experience, wide network of end users mostly at the Asian markets and direct transactions leaving out any intermediaries, we are able to secure favourable prices as well as payment terms in used machinery purchases. On the other hand, our membership in the SULTEX Group provides us with the capability of finding suitable used machines for our Czech and Slovak customers preferably in West European countries.

In the 2002/2005 period, we realised sales of more than 250 SULZER weaving machine, out of which 28 was sold directly to the Czech Republic.
SULTEX Praha s.r.o., Studánková 477, 149 00, Praha 4 - Újezd, +420 724 092 828